Windows 7 account controls for limited users?

Answer It matters on the verison of windows. Home no. Professional yes.You can use the Group Policy editor and make any specific setting accordingly.But you should be careful as its a very powerful editor... Read More »

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Windows XP: Limited Account.....?

I use an admin account but also surf within a sandbox therefore encountering no problems as when I close the sandbox everything goes with it.For me it's essential as I play around with malware and ... Read More »

My switch users button is missing and i can't change users.The guest account is on and administrative is missi?

Press the Windows Key and L at the same time. This should take you to the user selection screen.But the easy way is just to get your daughter to log on and reset the administrative password, then ... Read More »

Paypal account limited?

Go to If you can log in with no problem and your profile information is the same as usual, then it's a phishing scam to hack your accountOr just forward that email to a... Read More »

I need paypal help account is limited?

Ring them and ask what else you need to do.