Windows Internet Explorer ... The strangest thing happened this morning .....?

Answer this link explains why and the cure…hope it helps you

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What has happened to internet explorer.?

Yep,just done same with me so i did a system restore to the 2nd Jan,now every thing back to normal.

Just recently it seems to take forever to get onto the Internet first thing in the morning?

It sounds like various programs are trying to update themselves.Before you connect to the Internet, launch Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete and click on the Processes tab.Then launch yo... Read More »

Windows internet explorer 8?

Not really. If i were you, i'd switch to firefox. I find it much faster, safer and easier. internet explorer 8 is an improvement, but it still has internet explorers reputation for being vulnerable... Read More »

I want to keep my internet explorer windows maximised?

Close all maximised windows but keep the minimised open.With your mouse, drag each corner to the edge of your monitor, then click on File>>Close.All new windows should then open maximised.