Windows Media Player will not play .wmv Files?

Answer Not to disrespect your personal choice but I'd suggest trying a different program alltogether such as VLC Media Player.'s completely free and supports most v... Read More »

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Why won't windows media player let me play new video files?

Go into default settings and set Windows Media Player as your default player. You have probably installed another player that took over from WMP ( the apple one for example) and that may have cause... Read More »

How to Transfer Files from iTunes to Windows 7 Media Player?

Importing your iTunes music files into Windows 7 Media Player is very simple if you are running both programs on the same computer. The MP3 audio format iTunes uses is compatible with Windows 7 Med... Read More »

Windows Media Player won't play DVDs any more - "No compatible DVD Encoder" - What have I deleted?

Sounds like you've either deleted the Codecs for DVDs or removed your DVD player.If there's a DVD player that came with your PC try re-installing that.If that's not it you'll need some Codecs (Code... Read More »

What is the easiest way to download YouTube videos to play in Windows Media Player?

There is an download that will lt MP4s play in WIndows Media Player but it will put Adware on your system. You an remove the adware pretty easily. Just do a search on Download.comBut the easiest wa... Read More »