Windows Media Player won't play DVDs any more - "No compatible DVD Encoder" - What have I deleted?

Answer Sounds like you've either deleted the Codecs for DVDs or removed your DVD player.If there's a DVD player that came with your PC try re-installing that.If that's not it you'll need some Codecs (Code... Read More »

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Windows Media Player cannot play the DVD because a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on your computer.?

a free dvd codec for windows media player is only available in the US; try VLC media player instead - no additional codec download needed…or you can use th... Read More »

How do I save DVDs to my windows media player?

You don't save to windows media player. You need to rip your DVD with media player. Rip the sh*t out of the DVD and save it as a WMV file. Then you can do lots with it like copy into a another DVD ... Read More »

Windows Media Player - playing DVDs, can hear sound but no picture?

Right click on desktop>Click properties>Open "settings" tab>On new window open "troubleshoot" tab>Move the "hardware acceleration" slider to the left so it is at none>Click OK>Click Apply

I have a portable hard-drive with films on but cant get windows media player to play it .Sound but no pictures?

You do not have the correct codecs installed.You should install K-Lite Codec pack to be able to play videos in WMP.Or you could install VLC which in my opinion is the best media player.VLC does not... Read More »