Windows Media Player won't play DVDs any more - "No compatible DVD Encoder" - What have I deleted?

Answer Sounds like you've either deleted the Codecs for DVDs or removed your DVD player.If there's a DVD player that came with your PC try re-installing that.If that's not it you'll need some Codecs (Code... Read More »

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Windows Media Player cannot play the DVD because a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on your computer.?

a free dvd codec for windows media player is only available in the US; try VLC media player instead - no additional codec download needed…or you can use th... Read More »

How do I save DVDs to my windows media player?

You don't save to windows media player. You need to rip your DVD with media player. Rip the sh*t out of the DVD and save it as a WMV file. Then you can do lots with it like copy into a another DVD ... Read More »

Windows Media Player - playing DVDs, can hear sound but no picture?

Right click on desktop>Click properties>Open "settings" tab>On new window open "troubleshoot" tab>Move the "hardware acceleration" slider to the left so it is at none>Click OK>Click Apply

Windows Media Player wont add certain videos to library for streaming to Xbox windows XP?

although they are all in avi format they can be quite different ,divx, xvid etc .you need to find the exact format of the 1's that work and then convert the others to it.make a folder and put a sma... Read More »