Windows Movie Maker won't play or save?

Answer Reinstall it.

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How to Save Windows Movie Maker Project to WMV?

Window Live Movie Maker is a popular program that allows PC users to create movies with family photos, videos and music. When you save your movie project in the software program, the project is aut... Read More »

How can I convert .MTS video files so they are recognised by windows movie maker or windows dvd maker?

you can use Format Factory to convert the file to wmv or any other supported format have problems then contact me at

Windows Movie Maker won't let me publish my movie Please Help?

The problem is often the result of: -Insufficient computer memory for the complexity of your project, combined with other tasks your computer is doing as it renders the movie. -Using source f... Read More »

Windows Movie Maker 6.0 On Windows 7. Aspect Ratio HELP?

You are using 16:9 FHA (720x576) which is the standard for DV but in real terms it means that with square pixels applied it is still 4:3, you should either find something that says true 16:9, or ta... Read More »