Windows Vista - Cant Click Anything?

Answer Have you tried a different mouse?

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Cant install anything on vista . pc crashes/freezes?

download malawarebytes free version and try to install it in safe mode. then run itif u cant do that open comand promt as administrator by right clicking it then run this commandnet user administra... Read More »

Is there anything wrong with windows vista?

Most of the bad things you are hearing are coming from the Apple zealots. It needs time to mature, just as XP did. XP was not really right until service pack 2 came out. The other problem is th... Read More »

I have windows vista and recently updated my windows live, now i can not access windows messenger, help plzzz?

Safety or Tools, go to addons and make sure it is enabled.

What's Windows Vista like Reviews.. I want to buy a laptop but have to convince my mum that Vista is good! x?

Vista is a rushed product and it shows!seriously,if you're not a geek,you could spend HOURS just trying to find things like disk clean, or disk defrag.they're hidden in places you wouldn't think to... Read More »