Windows can't connect to the hidden network?

Answer Your Network is clearly a champion at hide and seek, you will never find it, you need to buy a hide and seek tutor for your windows in order for you to stand a chance!

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Can Windows XP Home connect to the internet via LAN, whilst connected to a Wi-Fi Network?

With that setup, you are trying to connect through the second routers firewall and NAT systemTurn off DHCP on the second router, and set it's LAN address to the same subnet as the main router - eg.... Read More »

I have a Dell Latitude D630 with windows 7 and i cant connect wireless to the router?

Contact with a service person & let him check the problem.

Just bought a wireless router and cant connect to Internet i need to go to but cant help me?

Make sure that you are connecting your computer to the correct port as this is an INTERNAL address and no internet connection is needed.You should just plug your laptop into the router using the ne... Read More »

I have a 1Tb westerndigital network hard drive. It fails to connect to my network.?

it wont connect to a network? or the computer? if it can connect to the computer and not the network, right click on it, go to sharing, and run the wizard. If it is not showing up onto your compute... Read More »