Windows can't see network connection. Do I need a new motherboard?

Answer try buying a usb/ethernet adaptor (remember to get a 10/100 or 10/100/1000 eternet adaptor)Only around £4-5 from e-bayfar easier and cheaper than messing around with the motherboard and/or the ada... Read More »

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I cant get my wireless connection on windows 8?

Lots of Laptops have a WiFio 'switch', usually on the side, sometimes on the front edge that physically 'turns off' power to the WiFi inside ..Failing that you will have to go into Device Manager a... Read More »

My wireless network connection speed is 54mbps,,,why is it slow,, do i need a higher one to download faster?

1) 54Mbs is the limit on wireless "G"... for faster you will need a newer ("N") type.2) This MAY not matter anyway! Your actual limit is NOT the speed of the wireless! It is PROBABLY the speed of... Read More »

How to set up a home network between Windows XP Ethernet & Windows 7 WiFi through Homehub?

The procedure to setup a home network is the exact same anytime! The router supplies the addresses and connections but has nothing to do with the network beyond that. Set each computer "workgroup... Read More »

Just bought a wireless router and cant connect to Internet i need to go to but cant help me?

Make sure that you are connecting your computer to the correct port as this is an INTERNAL address and no internet connection is needed.You should just plug your laptop into the router using the ne... Read More »