Windows can't see network connection. Do I need a new motherboard?

Answer try buying a usb/ethernet adaptor (remember to get a 10/100 or 10/100/1000 eternet adaptor)Only around £4-5 from e-bayfar easier and cheaper than messing around with the motherboard and/or the ada... Read More »

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Will this network card work with this motherboard?

Yes, it should, why wouldn't it? The motherboard appears (if the picture of it is accurate) to have a 1X PCI Express slot, which the network card needs.If you are concerned that the card won't wor... Read More »

How to set up a home network between Windows XP Ethernet & Windows 7 WiFi through Homehub?

The procedure to setup a home network is the exact same anytime! The router supplies the addresses and connections but has nothing to do with the network beyond that. Set each computer "workgroup... Read More »

Motherboard with ribbon cable connection?

Most modern boards do not have the IDE/PATA connectors any more. You can get IDE to SATA adapters, which allow you to plug older IDE drives into SATA ports. Search for them on Ebay and/or Amazon...

Wirleess Network Connection?

It sounds as though the adapter hardware is faulty at the final transmission stage. If it thinks it's in place and enabled then you should get some response from a network and see it in the view W... Read More »