Windows firewall AND router firewall should i disable one ?

Answer You can run a software firewall on your pcs and a hardware firewall on your router; as for the DNS errors, the DNS cache may have become corrupt. Try this - see if it helpsHere is how to fix that c... Read More »

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If my router (Netgear DG834G) has its own firewall should I disable the Windows firewall?

No. Where a router has its own firewall, you can leave Windows Firewall enabled. It's not unusual to have 2 firewalls on the system especially configured as you are.

I have windows firewall and AVG firewall both working should I disable one of them?

I have tested enough systems, and watched what happens when a new program bumps into an old -- even the artifacts of that old Firewall you had thought you'd removed -- and it always spells disaster... Read More »

Which firewall is better than the other Norton Internet security firewall or windows firewall.?

personally i would stick with the windows firewall in sp2,i use this but you must remember it only scans incoming traffic,which can be a problem if you are sending data,ect to friends,as you will n... Read More »

Firewall help - Allow an app or feature through windows firewall?

Looks like you have McAfee firewall in addition to the Windows firewall. If you also have a hardware firewall in your router, you can just turn off the McAfee firewall. Or you could figure out ho... Read More »