Windows phone doesn't support this file type?

Answer You need to supply more information. The obvious answer is, you are trying to open a file the windows does not recognise. What is it you are trying to do? What is the file you are trying to open??

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Windows 8 doesnt support youtube?

inside the marketplacesearch for an app called "metrotube" its a very good free youtube app that would get the job done and it allows you to pre load the youtube videos on your phoneand there are a... Read More »

Facebook on my windows phone doesnt make a sound when i get messages how do i turn it on?

Check your settings. Go into the app, reveal the charms bar at the bottom, find your notification settings. If they're not there, go to your start screen, then Settings > ringtones+sounds and choos... Read More »

What program would support this file ?

Hey,The file you are trying to download is in a .rar file. It can be opened with a program called Winrar. Its free, even after the evaluation period it still works for some odd reason. Just google,... Read More »

What file type do videos have to be to import them into windows movie maker?

The above answer is true and correct. Although I do believe that one of the K-lite codec packs will allow .vob as well, I think it may be the Mega codec pack, and there is a 64-bit patch as well.w... Read More »