Windows xp install disc stops half way?

Answer I've had similar problems with XP Pro - although it was a few years ago, i seem to remember the problem was because the PC was connected to the Internet - i had to disconnect the modem and it then ... Read More »

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My laptop wont install cd/dvd's, it will start the installation process but it stops half way through?

1.if it was working properly before and now its not working then may be its your CD-ROM .. buy an external one.. i have an hp pavilion and my CD driver also not working..2.try to put a CD in it Not... Read More »

Can I install windows XP into 2 PC's using the same disc?

using the same install. yes but activate by phone and when asked if its on one machine click yes and it will activate. i have two machines sitting side by side, same xp. same isp and same email add... Read More »

I have tried to install norton a/v but on pressing "install" the screen flashes to install app and then stops?

why install norton its rubbish? but if you must, its either a prob with your cd or the program, try right click on the cd icon and explore then find the setup exe and try that, if it fails take it ... Read More »

How to Install Drawer Stops?

This has happened, at one time or another, to most of us: In your hurry to grab a tool out of your junk drawer, you pulled the entire drawer out of the cabinet and scattered thousands of screws, pe... Read More »