Wireless Ethernet Cable Issues?

Answer 128 bit encryption?? That sounds like WEP. That can be cracked in 5 minutes, I know because I've done it a few times myself.If using WEP, I suspect someone else is using your wireless whenever it i... Read More »

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Wireless or Ethernet cable?

Always go Ethernet over wirelessAnd having a few extras meters of wiring wont reduce your speeds at all.

How to set up a wireless hotspot from an ethernet cable?

If they are wireless router is would be pretty easy. First make sure the wireless router is defaulted. Power it up and then get a small pin to push a tiny button on the back until the lights on it ... Read More »

Wireless routher with just an ethernet cable?

It depends on how you do it and what sort of network the university has set up, but you need to be careful.Routers are what I would call "active" network components. They have to be configured prop... Read More »

What ethernet cable is used to connect a device to a Ethernet crossover cable switch?

Your question makes no sense.There are patch cables (normal ethernet cables) and cross-over cables where the Rx pair at one end are connected to the Tx pair at the other.