Wireless Networking with Vista and XP?

Answer your Vista machine is probably not in the same workgroup as the XP system.If you tried to map the network drive by IP address I'll bet it would work. In the Vista machine change the workgroup to m... Read More »

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Wireless Problems with Windows Vista?

Actually it is a fault with HP (well known) Even reformatting will not solve it, the problem will return. There are a few temporary fixes like updating the nivdia drivers, uninstalling roxio, but i... Read More »

Can I use netgear wg111T wireless adapter with Vista How?

You should be able to, if you have all the correct drivers installed!…That link will take you to the netgear site and you can download the correct drivers ... Read More »

Is there such a thing as a USB wireless modem that works well with Vista?

Nothing works well with Vista. You don't see any Microsoft propaganda saying "I'm a PC, and Windows Vista was my idea". I use a 3 Dongle, and I had the same kinds of problems you are experiencing. ... Read More »

wireless networking?

Yes, if you want to connect it wirelessly, you'll need an adaptor.But, before you get one, take your existing PC upstairs and check that you can get a decent signal.