Wireless clueless!?

Answer Use the Network Connection Wizard on both computers. Make sure to name the workgroup the same.

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CPU extremely slow, clueless?

Try downloading CPUZ and checking everything is running at its correct speeds. Potentially, something in the bios has set itself incorrectly.Monitor temperatures - the CPU will throttle down if it'... Read More »

HELP!! Completely clueless :(?

I would go with number 2. It is cute, functional, and neutral enough to go with anything but still has enough detail that it isn't boring.

Phone Interview with the FSA..... clueless?

Having dealt with the FSA with a previous business - I wouldn't worry too much about the inteligence of their questions.

Question about my train tickets! (i'm clueless..)?

Lympstone is on the Exeter to Exmouth line, so you would probably travel via Birmingham and Exeter.There are trains from Derby to Exeter which call at Birmingham on the way.If your train calls at B... Read More »