Wireless connection difficulties... Help!?

Answer could just be the wireless security settings, like you said you reset the passwords. Connect to the router through the browser on your dads desktop and set the wireless security to WPA and put a pa... Read More »

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Wireless network connection help?

Try restarting your computer. If that don't workthen do system restore back to a day when itdid work.Need more help then send and e-mail to↓

I need help with wireless connection?

*EDITED*Look at the back of the Router.You are looking for the 'Wireless Key'Otherwise it is in the packaging.If both these options fail then phone your ISP. (Internet Service Provider).It is norma... Read More »

Wireless connection problems please help?

Check ALL Info is correct and up to date, such as IP address, mtu value, etc, if you did the auto search for settings, then it may have got a different connection and possibly have used a stronger ... Read More »

I need help with my wireless connection?

you will need to buy a wireless card for your sky box and a wireless router for your tv....cost about £300 all together...dead easy isn't it.