Wireless connection problem.?

Answer James You have reset the Router but you are trying to connect to your old network link the new one will appear when you remove the old one so do this 1.Shut down the router and leave it off2.On you... Read More »

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Problem with netbook wireless connection ......?

the username and password might not be to do with the network but might be the netbooks administrator username and password to allow the netbook to perform the action (this was something added to v... Read More »

How Do I Fix This Windows 7 Wireless Connection Problem?

I would unplug the power from router for a few seconds and then plug it in again and allow it to reboot. Often this may cure the problem. Sometimes setting a fixed IP address can help in the router... Read More »

Wireless Internet connection problem? running repair wizard, or maby your router is configured to only allow connections from certain mac addresses

Frequent Wireless Connection Problem, How To Solve?

Since the issue seems to fix itself when you reset the router, you clearly have no security set up on the wireless side.This suggests that hackers are having a field day freeloading on your network... Read More »