Wireless internet connection?

Answer As a last resort you can try uninstalling and reinstalling your Dell WLAN adapter drivers.

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In a Wireless Internet connection can anyone else using the wireless internet connection in that house......?

Wireless connection on but no internet connection...?

If your company uses encryption or mac address filtering you will need the authority of the it manager to use it. They may also be using filtering through a main server, same rule applies.

How do I get a wireless internet connection?

You will need to reinstall your wireless drivers after a restore, possibly that's why you don't have a wireless connection.Goto Toshibas site:…Then scroll ... Read More »

Can neighbours tap into your wireless internet connection?

You need to access your router set-up page, usually in your browser address line (where goes)You will need to set a password. Default settings are usually 'admin' for 'user... Read More »