Wireless laptops broadband?

Answer Yes you can but you would need a 3g router, they are not cheap, billion is one of the cheapest

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I have a 2 megabites broadband..and a wireless router to share between 2 wireless laptops?

That speed is more than enough for the laptops, what kind of router do you have? When both systems are on what ip addresses do they have? Click start, run, type in cmd and then type in ipconfig /al... Read More »

Do all laptops have wireless broadband?

Yes it doesWi-Fi 802.11b/gfrom the website below

Is 20mb broadband enough for 8 people/ 8 laptops in a shared house?

yupss dude its fine but when all of the laptops or mostly laptops are downloading somthing all laptops can face low bandwidth but u can do one thing try to divide the bandwidth with all users with... Read More »

Do i need to have wireless broadband to use a wireless router?

no!any ISP broadband service can be made wireless you just need to add the wireless router to your systemif pipex provide a USB modem then that needs to be replaced with a modem/router base station... Read More »