Wireless router, does one computer need to be attach?

Answer No. You only need a wired connection to perform router administration functions.

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Why does my linksys router need to be powered down every day to restore wireless connection?

turn on the tcp/ip bios on the network connection.:> peace.

Sky Digital wireless router My computer is not wireless enabled.?

Most wireless routers come with 4 or more ethernet ports on the back for networking with wired computers. Also, if you go to somewhere such as Maplin Electronics you can buy a wireless device that... Read More »

Do i need to have wireless broadband to use a wireless router?

no!any ISP broadband service can be made wireless you just need to add the wireless router to your systemif pipex provide a USB modem then that needs to be replaced with a modem/router base station... Read More »

How Do I Get A New Computer Without Wireless To Connect To My Router That's Connected To My Other Computer?