Wireless router for cable question?

Answer Absolutly, Yes! Please run security software on each system you have networked or one the one if you have only one hooked up. The firewall in the router is considered a hardware firewall, and you c... Read More »

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What is the difference between a cable wireless router and a ADSL router?

An ADSL router incorporates a modem for use if your broadband comes via a telephone line. The input socket takes an RJ11 connector.A cable router is for use in conjunction with a cable modem (as s... Read More »

How Do I Connect Wireless to Cable Router?

Connect wirelessly to your cable router so you can check your e-mail or surf the Web from your couch, kitchen or any other area in range of the router's signal. As long as you have a wireless anten... Read More »

Wireless cable router slowing down connection?

try a different router and card sending is it 54mpbs speed sending wirelessly to the pc try going for 102 mpbs or higher im on 54 and went to the virgin site to see what they had ,

D-Link Wireless N Cable Router & USB Dongle?

I have a PS3 and I do not need any additional usb dongle to get online. The wireless receiver is built in.You do not need to 'top up' a wireless router, but you do need to have one and pay for an i... Read More »