Wireless router not connecting to internet?

Answer have you tried turning it off and then back on again, if so, what make is your router and who is your internet provider

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Why can't I connect to primary wireless router after connecting to secondary?

First reason is that both routers are on same subnet. Routers cannot route traffic if they don't know where to send it. For example, second router sends request to, and they send repl... Read More »

I am having real trouble connecting my 40 GB PS3 to my " livebox" wireless router , help !?

Do you have the ssid right, the WEP or WPA configured right, and turn off UPnP on the router and PS3.

Hi, basically i got a wireless router on my downstairs pc,witch is connecting through my tiscali broadband ?

If it's connected correctly, then type following command in command prompt (cmd.exe), it should display correct IP, netmask, gateway and DNS info. After that you should be able to ping the gateway ... Read More »

Does McAfee internet security have anything to do with me connecting my upstairs PC to my downstairs router?

Uh, remember that firewall thingy? You gotta open a hole in it to see through...