Wireless router problem?

Answer huh. i had the same with my linksys. type in ur routers IP address and you can set it up all over again, and then it will show up.

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Wireless router problem...?

Open IE (or any other browser) and try

Can I connect a wireless router to an existing adsl router to enable wireless connectivity?

The router you choose to do this with needs to be capable of being setup in DHCP mode. This is a typical setting on a cable router (for cable networks like Virgin Media). I don't know if your netge... Read More »

Which wireless modem router should I replace for the 2007 Netgear Post Office Wireless Modem Router?

try this - tabs on top…

I ordered a wireless router, but got no wireless adapter or wireless card?

Go to Start->Control Panel->Network Connections.That will list your network adapters. You should have one called "Local Area Connection", that's your wired ethernet connection. If you have a wirele... Read More »