Wireless vs wired connections for speed?

Answer wired is definitely faster and safer. i know it through experience and also by sitting in class and listening to the boring wireless LANS lecturer at uni.

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Wired and wireless connections?

You really shouldn't do a simultaneous connection in the first place. Sounds kind of neat to be able to do it but there are no real good reasons to do it and you risk problems with networks conflic... Read More »

How does wireless generally compared to wired for internet connections?

wireless networks will never deliver the bidirectional speeds that wired networks provide. in the "real-world" transfer rates for 802.11x network devices will be about 50% of the maximum data rate... Read More »

Wireless connections?

For the benefit of the upcoming tech advise, could you state what sort/type of device you use to receive the wifi signal to your desktop computer. I never use "Use windows to configure my wireless ... Read More »

Ethernet And Wireless Connections?

Do you have a Router, and is it wi fi enabled?If so your daughter should be able to connect to that router via wi fi as all laptops already have wi fi built in. If the dongle is a full wi fi dongle... Read More »