With wi fi broadband, can other people outside use without my knowledge.?

Answer Only if your broadband connection isn't secured with a pass key, which with BT it usually will be.I'd suggedt changing to an "Unlimited" plan with BT. It doesn't cost much more than the limited ve... Read More »

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Can other people park on the sloped part of the curb outside my drive?

It is illegal in the UK for someone to block your driveway when your vehicle is in there but there is nothing to stop them completely blocking it when there is no vehicle in it - odd situation but ... Read More »

Can other people use your dongle if you're not using it Mobile broadband that is.?

If you allow them or if it is a pre-paid, Yes. Dongles arn't as secure as ADSL, Ethernet or Cable

How can i get home base data entry job with basic knowledge of net, without any payments?

Data entry is not a homeworkers job, most data entry is done in an office on secure systems.

How to Log Into Facebook Without Other People Seeing You There?

Facebook is a popular online social networking website. When someone logs into Facebook, that person's Facebook friends can see that he is online through the instant messenger built into Facebook. ... Read More »