With wi fi broadband, can other people outside use without my knowledge.?

Answer Only if your broadband connection isn't secured with a pass key, which with BT it usually will be.I'd suggedt changing to an "Unlimited" plan with BT. It doesn't cost much more than the limited ve... Read More »

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How Does Broadband Affect People and Their Businesses?

Broadbands are very helpful because people can have access to the Internet anytime, anywhere. Even though people are not at home or at the office, they can still have access to their workplaces or ... Read More »

Can other people use your dongle if you're not using it Mobile broadband that is.?

If you allow them or if it is a pre-paid, Yes. Dongles arn't as secure as ADSL, Ethernet or Cable

I have a mac 4, I have broadband,the people I want to email have dial-up?

e-mail works with broadband and dial-up as well, the only difference is the speed. you shoud know how the e-mail works.Short for electronic mail, the transmission of messages over communications ne... Read More »

BT Homehub. How can I stop people pinching my broadband!?

Go to your address bar and type in 'bthomehub'.You will see who is connected both wirelessly and cabled.Click on each and you will see if the connection is active.Read your manual if you don't unde... Read More »