'Word' programme on computers?

Answer No. Those tabs on Excel represent the names of separate worksheet pages. Word has no such concept.Sorry.

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Computers. Anybody know a FREE anti virus programme that might speed up my laptop?

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I'm trying to find a programme similar to Word suitable for Windows Vista?

Open Office is nice, but over kill for homework at a uni.Try Abiword (One of PC World's 100 Best Free Products):

How easy is it to hack a computers word documents?

Someone on the same WiFi network may have access to other devices on the same network. If you want to be secure, make your network a "Home" network, to limit this. Also change the password. File Sh... Read More »

Word power from word search.. butler lie... Do you know this word already or could you guess the meaning?

A lie that allows for polite initiation or termination of a conversation. Especially with modern electronic means of communication such as texting, SMS, emails and mobile phones. Can't see this in... Read More »