Would I be able to have two modems in a home?

Answer A modem is the thing that sits between your telephone line and your computer, and is used to translate analogue signals to digital information that computers understand, and vice versa. The reason ... Read More »

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Would I Be Able To Have 3 Monitors With This?

Yes you should be able to as long as it has a vga output and you will need 2 vga splitters and some vga cables.Hope this helps and good luck

Im 14 and to be able to get my second lobe piercing i have to be 16. would claire's ask me for ID?

Yes, even crappy Claire's will make sure you're of legal age to get pierced. Claire's sucks though, go to a professional piercer with your parent or legal guardian.

I live in the UK and my mum said i can have a tattoo so would i be able to get one if my mum is there with me?

If you really want a tattoo, not matter what anyone’s says you will go and get it done. You must have a great relationship with your mum for you too ask to get a tat & for her to agree for you to... Read More »

Would I be able to have a Facebook account with the screen name?

Lol, you are so silly but i love it when you're silly.