Would it be legal if?

Answer Technically, yes. But who's going to find out anyway?Bill Gates wouldn't mind

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Would it be legal to do this?

It would quite legal, and unless they entered some sort of contractual arrangement by (say) paying £10 to enter, it would just be too bad if the prize went missing.Think sensibly - what would they... Read More »

How would I get legal guardianship of my sister?

Kinship Fostering - this is an arrangment whereby the local authority have legal responsibility for a child and place them with a family member of friend who is a foster carer for that child.Specia... Read More »

Would you buy a house with no legal access?

You have asked another question about this situation in the insurance category. It is much easier if you ask one question containing all the details. Then you will get full and complete answers.You... Read More »

What qualifications would be required for a legal secretary in the UK?

Being familiar with most of the software that is used - Word, Excel, Powerpoint.The company will train you on anything else they use.