Would it be legal if?

Answer Technically, yes. But who's going to find out anyway?Bill Gates wouldn't mind

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Why is Ezula legal The worst spyware pest, detested by many, legal to buy and run and sneak onto people?'s your best source for info on the pest. The site is dedicated to eliminating Ezula once and forever.

Legal Advice on User Advertising - Threatened with Legal Action?

Roger, this is a highly specialised area and you are unlikely to get any dependable advice here. You need to engage a suitably expert lawyer.Use the link below to find a few people you can call to ... Read More »

is there any legal professionals on here willing to give free legal advice to a 16 year old?

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Is it legal not to tell eBay I'm a business LEGAL HELP PLEASE?

I believe they are correct on the law.= but so what ???It won't be eBay that comes after you ... HMRC (the Taxman) has a computer that 'spiders' the eBay auction site looking for high feedback indi... Read More »