Would other Facebook users be able to see your custom theme?

Answer They'd see the default, it's just a "Plug-in" for your browser, which changes the appearance of the website; Facebook, in your browser, no one else's. Sorry, until or if Facebook release an officia... Read More »

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! ! ! Facebook users! ! ! Who DOESNT play on Farm Ville Or any other game application?

i dont play any of them nor will i ever. its really annoying when i see in the home page "blah blah just found a lonely cow will you help her"? i hate that. n yes it looks dull

Is it possible for other y/a users to get your ip address and find out where you live?

No, you're safe.They would have to get lawyers involved and issue a subpoena against yahoo for them to get your IP address. Once they have your IP address they need to issue another subpoena again... Read More »

How to Make your Edited/Created page Available to other users/visitors - Wikipedia?

It's not enough, no. You have to advertise your pages properly so that upcoming users/visitors know they exist. You can do this by emailing every Wikipedia upcoming user/visitor you can and telling... Read More »

Would I be able to apply for any other jobs with a Software engineering degree?

You would be qualified to do other jobs in the software industry, such as software testing, potentially project management within a software organization, or if you really wanted to tech support (a... Read More »