Would this happen on facebook?

Answer It's all part of the NEW Facebook.....I don't like the change, especially now as they lump all my friends who are talking about Christmas at either their home or other places into one post showing ... Read More »

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What would happen if the two magnetic poles of the earth were to be reversed Would it affect climate and weather Has this ever happened before — HP, Birmingham, AL?

The earth's magnetic poles have reversed before, many times. A record of the earth's magnetic field is made whenever a magnetic mineral is cooled through a magnetic transition temperature called th... Read More »

What would happen if i added my teacher on facebook?

nothing, i think u dun mean a relationship so its normal, all my friends add their teachers.

The future: would this happen?

in the next 20 or 30 years, it seems unlikely. That in mind, anything is possible. a single discovery can change the world forever. if such a discovery were to occur, i would imagine it to happen i... Read More »

Does this happen to anyone elses' Facebook?

yes it has happened to nearly everyone it has happend to mine, there doing it to a certain amount of people everyday.