Would this have computer have wifi?

Answer No it doesn't have wifi, otherwise it would have specified. You either use a USB wifi adapter or an internal PCI cardYes it does have DVI - you can check the specs of the graphics card herehttp://w... Read More »

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This computer has wifi but no way to get to the wifi password?

Wi-Fi Protected Setupâ„¢ (WPS) is a standard to easily connect WiFi devices,Both devices have to have the WPS button to support this method. Here is Cisco's description. Read More »

What do I need to do so that my neighbours can't see my wifi/computer name?

It is impossible to hide your network name completely. You can make it difficult for people to see it by setting your router not to broadcast the network name (SSID). Some routers configure not to ... Read More »

How do i set a wifi hotspot using my computer?

shows you how to share an Internet connection, using the Wi-Fi on your Windows XP, Vista, or Mac laptop.Make your laptop hot spot -Yes this will work with desktop also: Read More »

How Can a Desktop Computer Have a WiFi Connection?

A desktop computer can be enabled for wireless networking if you install a wireless adaptor. Adaptors are available as internal cards, usually with an aerial that protrudes from the back of the PC,... Read More »