Would three different computers sharing the same broadband internet connection?

Answer Internally, everyone of your computers will have a different IP address, to allow them to communicate with each other, and with your router (software or hardware).Externally i.e. to everyone else o... Read More »

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Can you use the same broadband connection on 2 seperate computers.?

Certainly.You need to have a router connected to your DSL or cable modem which acts as a kind of signal splitter to enable multiple computers to share the connection.Check out the site below for so... Read More »

Can I connect two modems at the same time to a broadband (DSL) line to get internet on two computers?

No you cannot as there is only one interface at the BT exchange. This interface is only able to connect to one of your modems. If you try and connect a second modem the connection will fail.However... Read More »

Would 2 laptops using the same wireless internet connection have the same IP address?

Both computers will have same external IP address and you can easily test it with:……From other side both computer... Read More »

Can 2 different computers on the same internet network have different IP address?

Your 2 computers would have different private IP addresses, however the rest of the world will not see these IP addresses, they will see the IP address of your router, and this will be different to... Read More »