Would would happen if i dropped a laptop in a heated hot tub?

Answer Hotmail ?

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If there was a hole drilled directly through the center of the earth and a ball was dropped into it, what would happen to the ball Would it oscillate up and down in the hole until it remained suspended in the center — JC, Dallas, TX?

Yes, if the hole were drilled from the north pole to the south pole, the ball would behave just as you say. Assuming that there were no air resistance, the ball would drop through the center of the... Read More »

What would happen if a magnifying glass is set at the end of a telescope How would the stars appear?

You could place the magnifying glass at one of two spots: at the entrance to the telescope or at the eyepiece of the telescope. If you put it at the entrance, it would bend the light before it had ... Read More »

What would happen to you if your boss caught you on Answers. Would you get into real trouble?

I work in IT... The internet is used for many reasons...And I do my work, so I don't get hassled...As long as I get my work completed, I see no problem... ;)

What would happen if you saturated the uranium side of a fusion bomb with cobalt I think it would destroy our planet.?

A fusion bomb, also known as a thermonuclear or hydrogen bomb, releases enormous numbers of fast-moving neutrons. Neutrons are uncharged subatomic particles that are found in the nuclei of all atom... Read More »