Would would happen if i dropped a laptop in a heated hot tub?

Answer Hotmail ?

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Hi i got a Samsung galaxy ace and dropped it once and the whole screen cracked it happen to my friend as well?

They aren't designed to be dropped by clumsy fools.

There is a story circulating by email about a 26 year old man who heated a cup of water in a microwave oven and had it "explode in his face" when he took it out. He suffered serious burns as a result. Is this possible and, if so, how did it happen �

Yes, this sort of accident can and does happen. The water superheated and then boiled violently when disturbed. Here's how it works:Water can always evaporate into dry air, but it normally only doe... Read More »

**** Dropped the laptop?

Unless you damaged the harddrive, any important peices you might be ok.....

Need help with laptop after i dropped it?

before you go out and buy yourself a new hard drive just open the bottom and check that it hasnt come loose, because laptop drives are not screwed in they jus slow into the connection and thats the... Read More »