Would you be scared to board a plane with lots of muslims?

Answer Ive been on planes where over 90% of people on board are muslim, and you'll never guess what happened, Scroll Down...Keep Going...You Know you need to know what happened when I was on board a plane... Read More »

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How safe is it to ride a plane to nigeria i never road a plane before & i'm kind of scared.?

Statistics tell you the answer - you will be far safer in the plane than you would be in a car! People do not realise just how many aircraft are flying in the world. There are VERY few fatal cras... Read More »

I'm on a flight from UK to France soon but I'm scared the plane will break-up, how likely is this?

Very unlikelyJust remember:You are more likely to be in a car crash than a plane crash

Trying to find homework to do at home on the internet been through many sites and lots and lots of scams?

Approach a reputable employment agency, they do have such jobs. Any site found on the web is going to be a scam, if you have given any of these sites personal info (bank or card details) contact yo... Read More »

Why is my hard drive making lots of noise as if am working lots on my pc but am not ?

You may have too many programs running.Whats on your tool bar?Anything you can turn off?