Would you girls find the computer mouse easier to use if it was shaped like an iron?

Answer Don't tell me you're thinking and being witty and typing at the same time.....but that's....that's....multi-tasking!!! Wow, you morons oops I mean men CAN do it :p

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Girls, what woman would you most like to look like and why?

Me, I want to look like myself. Those women look great, but if I try to be like them, who would be like me? I (and each of you, the asker and the answerers) am a unique human being, and I love the ... Read More »

If the mouse on you computer was called a rat what would you think?

Well here's what I think, Rats have far more class than Mice. Plus rat takes slightly less effort to say. Actually I think I would prefer to call it a rat. Rats are great, Mice are more of a lady m... Read More »

I would like in summer 2010 to find a job abroad in a hotel entertainment team, how do i find a job?

Apply to the French hotel chain Club Med. THey will hire you if you are good at working with people. Especially if you are good at sports. ( i don't work for them).

I would like to buy my elderly mother a computer. she has never looked at a computer before. She can type.?

Get her an mac, they are so user friendly, and they just work.…