Would you know if your facebook or email account has been hacked?

Answer You would only know when you can't get into your accountbecause the password has been changed.If some gets into your account and does precisely nothing tothe account except read everything, you wou... Read More »

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Aol email account has been hacked?

Contact AOL and ask them to help you out. This is not an uncommon problem and I am sure they will help you resolve this matter.Good Luck!

My email account has been hacked what do I do now. I use an Apple mac?

Same thing just happened to me, if you go to your Recent Login Activity Page, you'll see where the person who has hacked your account has signed in from. I just checked it right now, and whoever di... Read More »

It seems someone has hacked into my email account and is sending out random messages with a virus. What can I? it possible hacked without having email address''?

i dont know how u can solve your problem but i sugest u that just find the best way to do same work to his or her