Would you like to request this person to be your friend?

Answer Jesus would be my one and only friend on facebook.

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What would you like to askany one know how to remove a friend request on facebook?

HI There....If you wanna remove any friend of yours in facebook... then you directly click on your account option on the top right side of your screen...and click on edit friends... there you'll g... Read More »

If you do a friend request on facebook and the person denies it?

I don't think they tell you if it's been denied, if you remove someone they don't tell them either.

I would like to repay single person allowance on council tax from 2011, is this possible?

It is probably possible. However the cost of administration would probably come to more than the amount you are repaying. The council staff would be pissed off with doing it. They have enough to do... Read More »

I looked at this guys facebook - Now i have a friend request, wtf Coincidence or...?

Is he hot? If so, I'd take it as a sign from the gods that you're meant to be together...