Would you pay for a social networking site if it gave you more control?

Answer Few individuals read the Privacy Policies of social or other websites, so few understand that once they Post or Upload media of any type they lose all constitutional rights. Once media, whether a w... Read More »

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What would you like to see on a social networking site?

Basically a Social Network website should talk about recent news and updates. It should contain a section which invite people to share what they think and let them comment about the event or news.

What would be a great name for a social networking site?

depends what the URL is.something like.MyPageorSocial.... something aha

Social networking site question?

Well there are a lot of other popular Social Networking sites out there from a lot of start up companies, they seem to be quite popular. I don't think many people use MSN or Bebo anymore (in fact I... Read More »

Can someome suggest a social networking site?

Foursquare is a location based social networking program which is pretty fun. Especially if you compete with friends that have it.