Would you please do me a small favour?

Answer Hi Bob Hope yo get this and get it sorted outpeace

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Could you all do me a favour please?

you have been added to my friends list! Good luck!

Myspace layouts, Can someone do me a big favour please?

You're not asking for much are youits pretty simple to do yourself you knowJust get a black layout and change the background of it yourselfits really very simplexo

Would you be in favour of making road humps illegal in the UK?

To be honest its a for and against argument i will explain:where i live there is a road in which is about 1/4 of a mile long in which there is about 6speed humps For- There is a secondary school th... Read More »

Would it be cheaper insurance on a small van compared to a small car?

Short answer no. Vans tend to be more expensive than the equivalent car.