Would you recommend someone to buy a very expensive new PC who has never in their life used a PC before.?

Answer i would recomend the person learns about computers before they get any pc cheap or not ,it is worth spending a decent amount on a computer if you realy want to get lots out of it

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Can anyone recommend a car breakdown service for an oldish car reg for a teenager as they are so expensive?

try age concern motor breakdown service. honest! they take any age person. £58.00 for the full monty, unbeatable. if car is older than 11years then £69.00. 08456012235

Can anyone recommend a good and not expensive restaurant in central London?

Rather than go to a cheaper restaurant why not look for a half decent place that has a special offer on? has a great list of special offers- some with 50% off!

Can anyone recommend a really good bar thats not too expensive around the leicester square area?

To be honest everywhere round LS is overpriced and overcrowded. I'd walk a little down towards Soho or Covent Gdn- they are better in the week. Otherwise try for reviews. I use i... Read More »

Can anyone recommend a good but not too expensive Sat Nav, that alerts you to traffic jams. thanks!?

Every GPS maker I know of requires a extra subscription to a traffic service. Available at a monthly, annual, or lifetime cost. Most lifetime sub are still under 150.00