Would you want wireless energy?

Answer I think wireless energy is so cool, since transmit power from one end to another end will waste some energy on the cord. wireless energy might be more efficient.

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What is Wireless Energy Transfer?

Also known as a wireless power transmission, the basic definition of wireless energy transfer is a process that takes place in any type of system in which electrical current is conveyed from a powe... Read More »

If space is curved and gravity is not really a force (as per Einstein), how is it that an object can slingshot around a planet and gain kinetic energy Where is the extra energy coming from Which object converts mass to energy; the object or the plane?

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How efficient are solar energy cells and windmills in producing energy for everyday use — JJ, San Antonio, TX?

There are several ways to measure their efficiencies. One way is to compare the energy these devices extract from sunlight or from the wind to the electric energy they produce. By that measure, sol... Read More »

Where does energy go when you try to push a heavy object and it doesn't move Thermal energy isn't made, so why do people get tired?

While it's true that there is no thermal energy made by static friction, since the object doesn't slide, your body can still make thermal energy directly. You get tired because your muscles must tu... Read More »