Would you want wireless energy?

Answer I think wireless energy is so cool, since transmit power from one end to another end will waste some energy on the cord. wireless energy might be more efficient.

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Hi i have an old pc that i want to use wireless broadband on. what can i use to make it wireless. is a usb...?

get a wireless card installled the signal is stronger that usb 2 port but if its a old computer i.e runnings windows 98 or me when you brought it. it will probably not have the faster usb port more... Read More »

I want to be able to print from my wireless laptop to my printer connected to my wireless computer HELP PLS!?

this is slightly different on different opperating vista is the one i know better. if you go to my network places/network in the start menu. (you ave to turn on the computer the pri... Read More »

What is Wireless Energy Transfer?

Also known as a wireless power transmission, the basic definition of wireless energy transfer is a process that takes place in any type of system in which electrical current is conveyed from a powe... Read More »

If you don't want your tires to blow up from too much thermal energy, then why aren't tires white (to absorb less sunlight and thus receive less thermal energy)?

That's an interesting question. It's probably difficult to manufacture white tires and they'd probably look terrible after they'd been driven a while. The old white-wall tires where difficult to ke... Read More »