XP professional not connecting to Ethernet or wifi?

Answer If it worked wired or wireless before, and now wants to try dial-up, that is a sign of a virus, at least possibly....There are many "dial-up" type of viruses that change the network connection orde... Read More »

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Connecting to home WIFI on vodafone?

It doesnt matter who your service provider is. It matters about the phone.on iOS (iPhone) go to settings then down the left it will have wifi. turn this on, select your home network then enter the ... Read More »

Connecting WiFi Antenna to Access Point?

In computing terms, an "Access Point" is a method in which a computer connects to a wireless network. Internet connections that a computer can connect to using a wireless networking card are called... Read More »

My laptop has suddenly stopped connecting to the wifi?

On my laptop there is a switch at the side that I sometimes accidentally switch off - that switch switches off the wifi searcher, check your laptop for this!

Problems connecting Samsung Galaxy ace and a laptop to the wifi?

The samsung galaxy ace has known issues with connecting to wifi, and other android devices. From reading google group discussing the issue it would seem that changing your wifi router security sett... Read More »