Xbox Live NAT is open but I can't speak or connect with friend?

Answer You should NEVER open your NAT. You should port forward instead.…

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How do i connect to xbox live through a pc with an ethernet cable?

BT hub problem, cant connect to the internet on my laptop i but can on the xbox?

Its the laptop, try using a ethernet cable to see if it your wireless adaptor on your laptop.

How Can I Connect to Xbox Live?

In order to connect to Xbox Live, follow the instructions on the Xbox website for either wired or wireless connection. The instructions will vary depending on the type of Internet connection you ha... Read More »

How to connect to XBOX 360 Live?

You should have been provided a Router or modem with your internet connection that lets you plug in 4 devices (most commonly) to share your internet connection. If you have a shared connection, and... Read More »