Xp very slow, most things attempted. Help?

Answer Windows XP is known for getting terribly slow after a while. The only way to stop it happening is to be very meticulous with maintenance, i.e. keeping the registry clean, regular defragmentation et... Read More »

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As an individual, i m very good at things but when it comes to doing things in teams/groups, i fail NEED HELP?

This is because you're an army of one; you're one who stands strong alone. Personally, I do better with teams/groups (in general) because it feels good to do things as a unit (in my opinion). You d... Read More »

Hi, my toshiba satellite a30-514 laptop is very slow most of the times to turn on. no virus detected. pls why?

Computers usually run slow while starting up or shutting down when your computer has A LOT of unnecassary files filled up. Trust me, the best way to solve this problem is to take all the important ... Read More »

My laptop is very slow!HELP!?

Hi.The amount of RAM that you have is great.The amount of Hard disk space that you have is also very good.Windows XP hates any processor less than about a 1.7Ghz. Your processor at 800Mhz just wil... Read More »

Help with a very slow pc.....?

1.Defrag your computer.2. COmpress files.3. Transfer files (ex: Pics, vids, music etc) or any other files you don;t normally use on a regular basis to flash drives, External Hard Drives and also Fi... Read More »