Xp very slow, most things attempted. Help?

Answer Windows XP is known for getting terribly slow after a while. The only way to stop it happening is to be very meticulous with maintenance, i.e. keeping the registry clean, regular defragmentation et... Read More »

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Ten Things You Should Know about Troubleshooting a Slow PC?

Even in the hands of a conscientious owner, a once-fast computer slows over time. When a computer system slows, the owner faces a choice: Discard the ageing system, or troubleshoot the problem. For... Read More »

My computer is going so slow. I havn't got many games or things that I can uninstall.?

Everyone knows that Windows computers can sometimes slow down over time. While not an exhaustive list of solutions to problems, this collection presents some ways to speed up a computer.1. De-Fragm... Read More »

Where would it be best to advertise my friend's new tarot reading for dogs business things are a bit slow.?

you could put signs or posters up at local pet stores, vets, groomers etc.i dont think tarot reading for dogs is a big thing, but good luck and i hope is business booms.

Why has my computer slowed down i hve uninstalled things that i thought made it stick but still slow?

Try running a diskcleanup and also defragment the drives. . High levels of fragmentation are like a disease which affects the performance of the drive, leading to slow loading times, file access et... Read More »