Yahoo toolbar won't work?

Answer im having the same problem

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How to remove Yahoo toolbar?

The Yahoo! Toolbar is a free application that works only with the Web browsers Firefox and Internet Explorer. The toolbar fits along the top of your browser window, usually below the main URL box. ... Read More »

How Can I Install the Free Yahoo Toolbar With Anti-Spyware?

Yahoo offers a free download for the Yahoo Toolbar, which works with your Internet Explorer or Firefox browser to simplify common web-browsing tasks. You can use the toolbar to get easy access to s... Read More »

My Pc Monitor Wont Show Me Any Thing Other Than The Background , It Normally Has Start Up Toolbar And Others?

er it might have a did that to minebut mine kept shutting down

Trojan, internet wont connect in safe mode, USB stick wont work?

Since you can boot into safe mode - use system restore to go back to before you removed the trojan then remove it using other methods.If you've got a serious problem try booting from Kaspersky Resc... Read More »