You are running a shop and a customer brings back a damaged item, what would you do?

Answer First you check it was Brought at that shop :)then start looking at shops guide (maybe a voucher or refund)

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Customer brings in a item for refund!?

When a customer buys an item and if s/he brings for example 5 customers s/he wins a 50$ voucher?

This is an affiliate/referral system.I do not know of any systems to help you manage it but a series of cards (unique numbers) could be created and then have a database (or even excel spreadsheet) ... Read More »

A customer has asked you for an item which we do not have in stock, would youa. Offer no alternative.?

Have you only typed half of the question? I'd suspect there's also a "b" and "c".

I have sent an item overseas to nigeria but can i get the item back?

if the item is recently send ,calll the courier i think you can reverse it!!!! go ahead and call now!!!!-----------------------------------To Avoid scams here is what i tell people...All spam email... Read More »