You must be popular with all those Facebook friends?

Answer Facebook is a site that I can't understand the popularity of it. So you post pics and talk with people. I don't see why that is so popular. I know many people fight on it, Get accused of cheating o... Read More »

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Do ya think all those ppl who have like 500+ facebook friends just add randoms..?

yea, they do... i mean i add people i dont really talk to and that's only like 65.... but yea, ppl like to think they are super popular so they add random people to make up for thier pathetic real ... Read More »

Are commericals so successful that even those with no money feel they must have the products and loot them?

That's not the problem. The problem is in how people get from 'can't afford' to 'having'. You either work to get money to buy what you want, or you just steal it.

On Facebook how do I stop someone I am friends with seeing my friends list?

Unfortunately I don't think there is a way from you friends to not see your friends. However, I do sugest you make yuor profile private. Facebook made changes and if your account settings are set t... Read More »

On Friends For Sale (Facebook), how do I search for people I'm not friends with?

The easiest way would probably be to just become friends with them first. Type their name in the "Search" bar on the left side above your "Applications" window. If they are going by that name on Fa... Read More »