You must have seen some accounts on YouTube,they hunt for subscribers,trade,have thousands of subscribers but ?

Answer Yes I have seen those ways to increase the number of subscribers and stuff.I think they are nerd people looking for attentions without uploading videos which are good.And I think either youtube is ... Read More »

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How do you get thousands of subscribers on a you tube channel?

If you go to other channels and leave good ratings and comments, they will often come to yours and subscribe. Try it on this one:

Hi i just passed my accounts exam Is there a volutery accounts program as i require experience to get a job.?

look in the phone book and contact local accountants. I am sure you will find one of them happy to give you a few months trial. if you are luckly, you will get paid as well . good luck

Things to Hunt at a Scavenger Hunt?

Scavenger hunt games are entertaining for both children and adults. Create a scavenger hunt list during holiday and birthday celebrations to keep kids busy before eating dinner or cake. Acquaint ne... Read More »

What does mean accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchase ledger and VAT return?

accounts receivable - money owed to the business by your customers (what you have sold)accounts payable - money the business owes to its suppliers (what you have purchased)Purchase Ledger - record ... Read More »