Your views on the £34 Billion london to scotland high speed rail service?

Answer Of course it will be expensive. It's a government project. They will start from scratch and make lots of mistakes to get there.Anyone with any common sense would use the experiences gained by the E... Read More »

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What are your views on the HS2 high speed rail link?

I travel by train in the U.K. a great deal and also have known and loved the Chiltern Hills which are on the HS 2 route for 50 plus years. The project is daft. You can already get from London Eusto... Read More »

What do you think of the London to Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds high-speed rail proposals?

The money could of been far better spent..There is already a train service from manchester to London, Do you think that spending billions of pounds to knock 15mins off the journey is a good idea?Co... Read More »

Who made the trains for the new high speed rail link from London to Paris?

Well, six answers so far, two of which are proper answers, especially those from "Mark" and "Everest" - but what's the betting that someone will come on with an answer (most of which will be to sa... Read More »

There is talk of a new high speed rail link between London & Birmingham, but don't ministers know England has?

If they can afford to build a NEW HSRL, they can afford to protect it properly - using the same 25kv that the trains would use.... if you get my drift......Anyone for fried chavs and other assorted... Read More »