Yuwie- can you take a look at this site for me please?

Answer it's juust another internet pyramid scheme. the only people who make anything are the ones who start it.

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Take a look at this site and tell me what you think is it better or worse than MYSPACE or FACEBOOK ?

same only it could be more addictive by the way they will pay you for using the site

How Can I Look More Scene/Take better Site Modelling Photos?

u look more emo then scene honestly....? but going around calling yourself "scene" is gonna make people think of you as a wannabe poser. but anyway you dont look like you tease your hair in any wa... Read More »

To computer experts - does this site look like a scam to you?

Personally I would say it is a scam as well as being an illegal site. I would go as far to say that it is just nothing more than key-logging software.Hacking is a skill and takes years to learn it ... Read More »

Take a look at this?

shows you the cr@p we get fed for excuses.who do you believe?