[ask] Share wifi but another device cannot find SSID ?

Answer Yes

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How to Find a WiFi SSID Number?

Your Wi-Fi network's Service Set Identifier, or SSID, identifies your router amid the potentially numerous other wireless networks that may propagate the area. Finding your SSID number can be as ea... Read More »

Am I liable for continuing rent payments if cannot find a replacement for my room in a flat share?

If you all signed the same contract, then you'll be what's known as jointly and severally liable for the rent. Basically it means that the landlord can pursue you as a group or as individuals for t... Read More »

How do i find the device driver for my wifi, it worked just fine untill i reinstalled windows xp?

Now that wasn't hard was it? Any of these should do it!………http://downlo... Read More »

My computer is wireless but I cannot find the wireless bar button to get my wifi password. PLEASE HELP?

If you are using a pc then you will need an Ethernet cable and plug it into your broadband, or a wireless adapter. Then it should work, sorry if it didn't you weren't very clear.